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Transform Trade Expense Validation and Reconciliation

The management and optimization of trade execution expenses are challenging for any sell-side firm. Increasing audit pressures and brokerage overcharges are driving the need to search for a way to better manage and govern this process. Broadridge offers a centralized approach to trade expense management. By adopting enterprise wide standards for trade expense calculations, invoice processing and validation, firms can produce better analytics that allows for better business decisions and ability to recognize 5-8% savings annually.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost reduction and containment via fully automated validation of trade execution fees at the transaction level
  • Optimize pricing agreements across the enterprise through cross-vendor product comparison
  • Improves cash flow and management visibility through timely execution of reconciliation and payment
  • Accurately allocates expenses across the firm using actual trade data

Key Functions:

  • Verifies and validates fees at the transaction level
  • Data transformation and enrichment
  • Cost accrual estimations
  • Invoice management workflow